Beyond the Silence / by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse. 4.25.2018

Bethany House ISBN 9780764214103

Adult Rating: 4

Twenty-one-year-old Lillian Porter is ready to break free of the prison her grandfather has constructed for her behind the safe walls of his wealthy home. For years, she has allowed it, hoping he would break free from his grief over the death of his wife and daughter, but the time has come for her to make her life count and follow her mother’s dreams of heading out west. Her chance to do both comes when she takes a position in Angels Camp, California as a nanny to a young boy who has not spoken since his mother’s death.

Almost as soon as she steps off the stagecoach, she hears dark accusations about her new employer and is warned to take the first stage back to the safety of home. However, Woodward Colton, the sincere and conscientious man employing her, does not measure up to the ugly rumors attached to his name, nor does his account of what happened to his wife. She instantly loses her heart to her young charge and settles into her new life, but danger is lurking and more accusations are hurled. Will the truth come to light before it is too late to save herself and those she has come to love?

In Beyond the Silence, Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse weave an engaging tale of suspense, healing, and love. The main characters quickly pull readers in: Lillian with her desire for purpose and meaning in life, Woody with his broken heart, and little Jimmy with his silent cries. Told in the alternating voices of the main characters as well as the antagonist, this story goes beyond a typical romance novel and paints a picture of the contrasting outcomes of family tragedy and grief. One is seen through Lillian’s grandfather whose grief ultimately drives away the only family he has, another through the bitterness and evil acts of the antagonist. Still another, and the one desired, is seen through Woody who allows God’s healing and forgiveness to save him, opening the door to another chance at love.

Justina McBride, CLJ