Reclaiming Shilo Snow / by Mary Weber. 9.19.2018

Thomas Nelson ISBN 9780718080945

YA     Grades 9-12     Rating: 4

Mary Weber continues the pulse-pounding story begun in The Evaporation of Sofi Snow, incorporating futuristic fantasy, political intrigue, and aliens.In Reclaiming Shilo Snow, 17-year-old Sofi Snow and her 19-year-old friend Miguel (Earth’s youngest ambassador to Delon) are trying to rescue her brother Shilo. She is convinced he is being held captive on Delon. Sofi and Miguel discover Earth is in danger from allies who are actually enemies and uncover secret dealings that involve the highest officials, maybe even Sofi’s mother, Inola! Meanwhile, Sofi and Shilo experience flashbacks that help reveal secrets from their past–they both survived an abduction and experimentation by the Delonese. Can Sofi, Shilo, and Miguel escape from Delon in time to save the Earth and the other children now held as captives?

Filled with tense suspense and drama, Reclaiming Shilo Snow draws the reader into a believable future world where details of one’s life are documented and available to those in authority. Told in alternating first-person points of view (Sofi, Miguel, and Inola), Reclaiming Shilo Snow picks up where The Evaporation of Sofi Snow ended but with a darker tone as Weber continues the themes of alien invasions, interplanetary politics, and human trafficking in this sequel.

Weber’s central point is the minute I elevate my life above another’s – the moment I choose mine as more valuable for the survival of humanity – is the moment I begin to give away my humanity. And that is the moment we all begin to lose.” When we value ourselves more than others, we close our eyes to injustice around us. The main story lines are wrapped up in this final book – there’s sacrifice, romance, and more.

Recommended for public libraries for adults and older teens.

Carol R. Gehringer,