How to Live a Life of Prayer: Classic Christian Writers on the Divine Privilege of Prayer / compiled and edited by Donna K. Maltese. 9.20.2018

Barbour Books ISBN 9781683224638

Adult Rating: 4

In this work, Donna K. Maltese provides a compilation of excerpts from four Christian writers: John Wesley, E. M. Bounds, Andrew Murray, and S. D. Gordon. Through the words of these men, this collection of writings expounds on the topic of prayer using a “Who”, “What”, “When”, “Where”, “Why”, and “How” framework. Each author has a few contributing pieces within each section and subsection, providing a range of insight and varying perspectives on each topic. Many of the excerpts also include a Scripture passage to which the writer was referring, providing direct biblical connections alongside the interpretations or implications drawn out by the writer.

Though this combination of authors and pieces of their larger works does provide the reader with distinct perspectives and a broad understanding of the topic of prayer, the nature of the compilation makes for a disjointed reading experience. With excerpts ranging from a few words to a few pages in length, the subsections or topics within each section often change rather abruptly. Nevertheless, for those interested in growing in their understanding of and engagement in prayer, Maltese’s compilation provides excellent and diverse insight into the multifaceted practice of prayer in a neatly organized fashion.

Elisabeth A. Orr, CLJ