The Promise of Breeze Hill / by Pam Hillman. (A Natchez Trace Novel) 9.26.2018

Tyndale ISBN 9781496415929

Adult     Rating: 5

With her brother murdered, her widowed sister-in-law pregnant, her father badly burned, and her home half-destroyed, Isabella Bartholomew longs for her pre-tragedy life. The once-prominent Breeze Hill now stands near-ruin, and young Isabella believes restoring her father’s estate is the only thing that will bring some normalcy back into the Bartholomew household.

Short on funds, Isabella takes a gamble to purchase indentured servant papers for Irishman Connor O’Shea, a carpenter seeking American passage for his brothers, hoping that the harvest will fund his service–that is, if no more misfortune befalls her family.

Connor, scorned by his former mistress, tries to keep focused on his work instead of the enchanting Isabella—though his struggle may be a lost cause. Ruffians, bandits, kidnappers, and courters keep bringing chaos to the Bartholomew family and bringing Connor and Isabella closer together. The misfortune of Breeze Hill begins to appear like a strategic attack. As disaster strikes, can Isabella protect the estate? And will Connor be able to keep her safe?

Bestselling author Pam Hillman subtly fills readers’ minds with historic details of the late 1700s, from female and foreigner discrimination to courting and inheritance traditions. Pulling the reader in with lovely description, Hillman creates an unforgettable adventure with a cast of realistic characters. Isabella embodies the role of a dutiful daughter, while Connor’s past motivates his actions and develops his character throughout the book.

Because of the close third-person narration that alternates between Isabella’s and Connor’s perspectives, readers get to see their thoughts as they encounter thrilling feats and slowly fall in love. As scenes alternate, however, these main characters always seem to know what the other is thinking—often repeating information and merging these distinct voices.

This novel would fit well into any library’s Christian romance collection. Readers of Karen Witemeyer, Michelle Griep, and Regina Jennings will swoon over the romance in The Promise of Breeze Hill and be sucked into this can’t-put-down story.

Rebecca Schriner, CLJ