#NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American Women / edited by Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Beth Leatherdale. 9.27.2018

Annick Press ISBN 9781554519583

YA Grades 9 and up Rating: 5

#NotYourPrincess is a compilation of poetry, art, and quotes from Native American girls and women. By telling their stories, dealing with past hurts, and expressing their hopes for changes in the future, they aim to break the stereotype of everyone’s ideas of Pocahontas and Tiger Lily. These women have either experienced the pain of discrimination or heard stories of such from their ancestors. They can’t help but feel division among the races because of history, and that bynot letting go of the past, some would continue to bring this racism to the present and future.

Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Beth Leatherdale have created a touching collection from over 50 Native American women artists that helps readers see what these women must deal with. One poem, The Things We Taught Our Daughters, will open readers’ eyes to the cycle of abuse and discrimination that just keeps getting passed down from one female to another. Hopefully, this book will make everyone aware of the problems and result in a sense of open-mindedness to stop the racism and embrace these beautiful women.

Recommended for public and school libraries.

Trina Chase, CLJ