Fault Lines / by Thomas Locke. 10.25.2018

Revell ISBN 9780800724375

Adult Rating: 4

Charlie Hazard’s meeting with the captivating and mysterious Dr. Gabriella McLaren is not by chance. Gabriella and her colleagues have opened an entirely new field into the human mind and its abilities, but to complete the study they need Charlie’s help. A rumored syndicate of the world’s rich and influential have learned of the new study and want it for themselves and they’ve hired Reese Clawson to do just that. Reese will use everything at her disposal to gain their knowledge or keep it from advancing any further. Charlie will have to rely on his military training to stay ahead of Reese Clawson to protect Gabriella, her team, and their study.

Thomas Locke doesn’t waste a moment grabbing the reader within the first paragraphs of chapter one. Locke can fashion a smoldering adventure packed with the right combination of action and mystery. Pulling the reader deeper, causing them to root for Charlie while simultaneously creating unsettling possibilities with an antagonist that seems to be prepared for Charlie’s every move, Thomas Locke forces the reader to turn the pages until the end.

Fault Lines is the prequel to Locke’s earlier two Fault Line novels, Trial Run and Flash Point.

Cicely Ben, CLJ