Unbreakable / by Sara Ella. (The Unblemished Trilogy, 3) 12.10.2018

Thomas Nelson ISBN 9780718081058

YA Grade 9 and up Rating: 5

Sara Ella returns with the thrilling conclusion to her Unblemished trilogy, a series that combines elements from fairy tales and fantasy to captivate the reader.

In Unbreakable, Eliyana Ember is the vessel of the Verity (the purest of souls)–only she can destroy the Void. But doing so will cost her everything she holds dear. The seven Reflections are now in danger, as are those dearest to her. She moves from one Reflection to another, seeking to destroy the Void. Both of her suitors–– Kyaphus Rhyen and Joshua David, each with their own secrets–have not given up on their pursuit of Eliyana’s heart. She is torn between memories leading her in one direction and her heart leading her in another.

Ella masterfully creates a realistic fantasy world, a story with a nod to pop culture and literary references. The inner dialogue of the main characters–Eliyana, Ebony, Joshua, and Ky–can confuse the reader if one doesn’t note the character name at the beginning of the chapter. The maps of the Reflections are a nice touch as well as the family tree!

Her Unblemished trilogy shows that there is a chance for lightness and darkness in all of us. Her allegorical story is filled with excellent narratives, engaging characters, and truths–and plenty of plot twists! The relationships are clean, the faith element is a light touch, and the violence is neither graphic nor inappropriate.

Recommended for public and school libraries, for fans of fantasy and fairy tale retellings, for young adults and adults alike.

Carol R. Gehringer, worthy2read.wordpress.com

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