Fatal Trust / by Todd M. Johnson. 12.24.2018

Bethany House Publishers ISBN 9780764212352

Adult Rating: 4

Ian Wells dreamed of a practice in criminal law. His ambitions quickly derailed with the death of his father and a request from his mother. Years later, still running Wells & Hoy Law Office, Ian has nothing to show for his work except mounting bills, a possible lawsuit against the firm, his mother who now has Alzheimer’s, not enough income to cover his pending needs, and dreams that wake him up drenched in sweat.

Then he meets Sean Callahan and is offered the chance to earn more than enough to pay the bills, settle the lawsuit, and take care of his mother, and finally start his criminal law practice. All Ian must do is dig up the past on three possible trust recipients. But as Ian begins to dig up their past he soon realizes that his past is somehow connected. What he discovers could destroy his entire future.

Todd M. Johnson introduces a mysterious web connecting the past, present, and future of his characters in a swiftly spiraling plot full of intrigue. Fatal Trust brings the once mundane legal world of wills and trusts alive with riveting mystery.

Cicely K. Ben, CLJ