The Cost of Betrayal / by Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey, and Lynette Eason. 3.4.2019

Bethany House ISBN 9780764231735

Adult Rating: 4

Best-selling authors Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey, and Lynette Eason lend their skills to this compilation of three contemporary romantic suspense novellas.

In Betrayed (by Dee Henderson), an innocent woman is freed after serving a portion of the time for a murder she didn’t commit–but the murderer is still at large, putting her in danger.

In Deadly Isle (by Dani Pettrey), a woman is trapped on her isolated, childhood island following a storm, with a murderer at large, one that killed her cousin and now threatens her life.

In Code of Ethics (by Lynette Eason), a trauma surgeon saves the life of an injured detective, only to have him attacked again in her hospital, leading them to be on the run from the killer.

Henderson, Pettrey, and Eason expertly weave their stories with believeable characters, tightly-woven suspense, and faith elements. Although shorter than a full-length novel, they make for an edge-of-your seat reading thrill ride. In each story, faith in relationships is broken as they experience betrayal by those closest to them. Betrayal comes from friends and family, those closest to them–yet God can bring good out of the evil dealt to the injured parties.

Two of the novellas give the reader a chance to meet old friends (from previous books by the author). While each could be read alone, together they make a winning combination of mystery, action, and suspense. Comparing the three, Eason’s and Pettrey’s novellas are slightly better than Henderson’s, but Henderson’s novella is better than her last few full-length novels.

Recommended for public libraries and suspense fans.

Carol R. Gehringer,