A Time to Stand / by Robert Whitlow. 5.21.2019

Thomas Nelson ISBN 9780718083762

Adult Rating: 4

In the small southern town of Campbellton a white police officer has shot an unarmed black teen. The African American community led by a new pastor begin to shout for justice. Aunt Josie, who used to walk the streets of Campbellton lifting it up in prayer, suffers a stroke that lands her in the hospital. Adisa, a talented young lawyer raised by Aunt Josie, returns to Campbellton to help care for her recovering aunt and takes up a position at a local law firm with one requirement: she must help defend the white police officer.

Following the path she believes the Lord has laid on her heart, Adisa agrees to the terms. She must stand against her African American community and the pastor that she can’t help but like. Can the forgiveness and love that flow from Christ truly heal the hurt and change the hearts of a community divided by hate and anger?

Robert Whitlow portrays the real and true strength of love and forgiveness believers can bestow on the hearts of others and the healing that takes place within all those touched by it. Whitlow beautifully describes the power of submitting our lives and every decision to the Lord in prayer and the blessings that are bestowed on the individual and the community when believers follow where He leads.

Cicely Ben, CLJ