Many Sparrows/ by Lori Benton. 5.31.2019

Waterbrook ISBN 9781601429940

Adult Rating: 4

Set in pioneer, pre-revolutionary America, Many Sparrows focuses on Clare Inglesby’s difficult journey. It begins with a husband who haphazardly launches them into the wilderness with dreams of homesteading on newly opened territory. A difficult situation turns impossible though when in the span of 24 hours, Clare is widowed, gives birth to her pre-term baby in the woods, and finds her 4-year-old son has been abducted by Indians. She has every reason to lose hope in a God who allows such things to happen. At her weakest moment, however, she meets Jeremiah Ring who believes he can help her get her son back if she is willing to trust him and to trust God.

Many Sparrows deals with the challenging topic of walking in a relationship with God when difficult things happen. The reader journeys with Clare, and other characters, as they wrestle with trusting God despite how they feel. Intertwined within this intense story is a peek into a tumultuous time in America’s history. With careful research and a basis in real historical events, Denton is able to flesh out her characters in a way that makes them believable and relatable. There is some violence, but it isn’t described in detail.

Tatyana Claytor, CLJ