The Lacemaker / by Laura Frantz. 6.3.2019

Revell ISBN 9780800726638

Adult Rating: 5

The imminent revolution in America revolutionizes life for Elisabeth Lawson in The Lacemaker. An interrupted letter from the governor’s wife prevents Elisabeth from joining her father, lieutenant governor of Williamsburg, and Williamsburg’s other leaders as they escape danger presented by the rebel patriots. Instead, Elisabeth is left alone with only a couple of servants when drunken patriots ransack her family home. Help for the newly homeless Elisabeth does not come from her fiancé, but from Noble Rynallt, a patriot. Not wanting to abuse the generosity of her benefactor, Elisabeth makes her own way by making lace and mending clothes. When confronted with an accusation of spying, Elisabeth decides she might be useful to a good cause by entering the world of intrigue. Noble, who has fallen in love with Elisabeth, does not like this decision one bit.

Winner of the Catherine Marshall Christian Fiction Award of Excellence (a Christy Award), Laura Frantz brings history to life through her writing. A key location in the days leading up to the Revolutionary War, Williamsburg and its surrounding areas are vital to the story. The plot moves quickly as the changing structure of society sucks all the characters into its vortex. As Elisabeth confronts her new reality, she grows from a compliant daughter of a domineering man and into a compliant daughter of the Lord, willing to work hard and make scary decisions. All the characters are well-written and feel like acquaintances or friends–or enemies. One theme that runs throughout the book is the importance of looking to God at all times, especially in times of trouble.

God hasn’t forgotten us, Isabeau. There’s been no revolution up above, remember.” (p. 115)

Kristina Wolcott, CLJ