The House on Foster Hill / by Jaime Jo Wright. 6.4.2019

Bethany ISBN 9780764230288

Adult Rating: 5

Jaime Jo Wright makes her debut with this Gothic dual-story novel, sure to keep the reader turning the pages–and looking over their shoulder.

In The House on Foster Hill, San Diego resident Kaine Prescott is convinced her husband’s death was not an accident. She impulsively buys the house on Foster Hill in her grandfather’s Wisconsin hometown. Imagine her surprise when Kaine realizes her house comes with its own mysterious reputation. Has her husband’s killer followed her or are the strange things happening connected to the house’s history?

Almost a hundred years ago, an unidentified woman is discovered dead on the Foster Hill property. Ivy Thorpe works with Joel Cunningham to seek to discover the truth about her death, but someone is closely guarding that secret. Will they find out the truth before someone silences them?

Wright tackles some hard issues that are unexpected in a gothic-type novel, namely human trafficking. The descriptions are not gory, but the narrative is descriptive. The author does an excellent job of weaving in hope and trust in God, even in evil situations. There is almost a creepiness to what happened in the past, and to the lengths to which someone would go to preserve the legacy of one’s family in covering up the truth.

The relationships between Ivy and Joel, as well as Kaine and Grant, are clean romances. They build solid friendships as they work to uncover the truth of what happened in the house.

Recommended for adult collections. Wright’s second book, The Curse of Misty Wayfair, is also available.

Carol R. Gehringer, CLJ