Book Scavenger series / by Jennifer Chamblis Bertman. 3.8.2019

Book Scavenger / by Jennifer Chamblis Bertman. (Book Scavenger, 1)

Henry Holt ISBN 9781250079800

The Unbreakable Code / by Jennifer Chamblis Bertman. (Book Scavenger, 2)

Henry Holt ISBN 9781627791168

The Alcatraz Escape / by Jennifer Chamblis Bertman. (Book Scavenger, 3)

Henry Holt ISBN 9781627799638

YA Grades 5-8 Rating: 5

Jennifer Chamblis Bertman pens a middle grade series that will appeal to older elementary and middle school readers.

In Book Scavenger, Emily moves to San Francisco where Garrison Griswold, creator of the Book Scavenger game, lives. Unfortunately, Mr. Griswold lies in a coma after an attack just before his new game is announced. Emily and her friend James race against time to solve the new game before whoever attacked Griswold comes after them. Will Mr. Griswold recover from his injuries and launch his new game?

In The Unbreakable Code, Emily and James try to find out who is behind the recent arsons around the city, especially when clues appear to be placed in books hidden through the Book Scavenger game. As they dig deeper, they discover their teacher Mr. Quisling’s hunt for the Unbreakable Code and possible links to the arsons. Is he the arsonist? What role does a book by Mark Twain play?

In The Alcatraz Escape, Emily and James work on a challenging mystery set on Alcatraz Island. Will they be able to “Unlock the Rock”–the latest game from Garrison Griswold? Not only has literary game master Griswold created an escape room challenge at Alcatraz, but mystery writer Errol Roy has written the story behind the puzzle. Threatening notes make the pair wonder if someone is trying to prevent them from solving the escape room challenge. What is the secret behind Roy’s story?

Bertman excels at creating puzzles that will delight the reader, especially those who love a good mystery. While the literary allusions are reminiscent of the Mr. Lemoncello series (by Chris Grabenstein) and The Westing Game (by Ellen Raskin), the Book Scavenger series is not a copy of these books. “Book Scavenger” an actual game–a cross between geocaching and treasure hunting, making it a literary adventure for the reader. Readers will find the actual game being played on the author’s website (, and enjoy the adventure of solving the puzzles in each book.

Recommended for public libraries, classroom reads, youth book clubs, and book-loving mystery lovers.

Carol R. Gehringer,

Miguel’s Brave Knight / by Margarita Engle; illustrated by Raul Colon. 3.7.2019

Peachtree Publishers ISBN 9781561458561

PRI Grades 2-5 Rating: *5

Fairytales make us believe that dreams can and do come true. But it was Don Quixote who dared brave the dragons (that is, windmills and obstacles) that imprison the treasures and beauty of life, in order to set them free.

In Miguel’s Brave Knight, the reader meets the boy Miguel de Cervantes. Born in 1547, and a contemporary of the English playwright William Shakespeare, Cervantes would become one of Spain and Latin America’s most important literary figures. Today the world knows him best as the creator of the idealistic, and sometimes foolish, Don Quixote, the Man of La Mancha. His character’s name has even become part of the English language: quixotic, which Webster’s dictionary defines to mean foolishly impractical, especially in the pursuit of ideals.

Well-known for her strong and descriptive verses, Margarita Engle, winner of numerous awards, enchants the reader with a series of poems that reveal the personal sorrows, as well as the social and political events of the day, that shaped Miguel’s life and formed his thoughts. “Hunger”, “Waiting”, “Daydreams”, “Disaster”, “Learning to Write”, and “Imagination” are some of the poem titles that portray the young author in the making.

Full-page pen and ink watercolor illustrations by Raul Colon, an award-winning illustrator of more than thirty books for children, complement Engle’s moving verses. The muted brown, grey, and blue tones create dream-like visions that help the reader experience Miguel’s life.

The end pages include interesting author and illustrator notes, and important historical and biographical information.

A book that awakens dormant aspirations and provokes action, Miguel’s Brave Knight is a timeless tale of the power of the imagination to create hope out of despair, turn dreams into reality, and bring into existence the light from within that dispels the darkness. In this way one can, as Miguel says, “right all the wrongs of this wonderful but terribly mixed-up world.” (From the last line of Engle’s poem, “Imagination”).

Veronica Jorge, CLJ

Noble Knights series / by Jody Hedlund. 3.6.2019

A Loyal Heart / by Jody Hedlund. (Noble Knights, 4)

Northern Lights Press ISBN 9780692055236

A Worthy Rebel / by Jody Hedlund. (Noble Knights, 5)

Northern Lights Press ISBN 9780692144190

YA Grades 9-12 Rating: 4

Best-selling author Jody Hedlund concludes her young adult series with these two medieval novels.

In A Loyal Heart, Lady Olivia is taken captive and held for ransom by Sir Aldric on Lord Pitt’s orders. Loyal to her family, Olivia will do whatever is necessary to make her father happy, whether it is being betrothed to a man he selects or trying to steal a special chalice rumored to have healing properties in Pitt’s possession. Threatened with execution after she is caught trying to steal the chalice, Aldric intervenes and becomes engaged to her. But what about her father’s choice? Will she marry Aldric, a man she is growing to admire but an enemy to her family? Or will her relationship with Aldric help her obtain the chalice?

In A Worthy Rebel, Lady Isabelle flees an arranged marriage, becoming lost in the countryside. She hides her identity as a noblewoman when she is rescued by Cole Warwick, a peasant. He is the leader of the peasants who are rebelling against the nobility. As she recovers from her injuries, they develop strong feelings for each other, which are shaken by the revelation of Isabelle’s true identity. Will they be able to overcome the truth?

Hedlund excels at providing a clean romance suitable for teens and adults alike. Second chances, redemption, family loyalty, adventure, intrigue and more await the reader. Recommended for historical fiction fans, fans of courtly romance, and inspirational fiction fans.

Carol R. Gehringer,

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Darkwater Secrets / by Robin Caroll. (Darkwater Inn, 1) 3.5.2019

Gilead ISBN 9781683700685

Adult Rating: 4

Award-winning author Robin Caroll returns with a new romantic suspense series set in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

In Darkwater Secrets, general manager Adelaide Fountaine keeps busy with the Darkwater Inn full of guests. She is shocked when a hotel guest is found stabbed with a kitchen knife, one with her fingerprints on it, as well as those of her coworker Dimitri Pampalon.

Detective Beau Savoie is assigned to the case–he’s known Adelaide since they were children and hidden his true feelings for her. During the investigation, he uncovers a secret from Adelaide’s past that ties her to the victim, but he is also hiding a secret from her. Will he be able to solve the case and rebuild his relationship with Adelaide? Will Adelaide end up with Beau or Dimitri, since both of them care for her and have their own secrets?

Caroll is well-acquainted with New Orleans, capturing the unique culture of New Orleans in its music, voodoo, and Mardi Gras traditions. The voodoo element is handled well, not overly emphasized. While it is part of the life around them, the main characters don’t believe in it. Tough subjects (alcoholism, prostitution, and sexual assault) are woven into the story, in the secrets of the main characters’ pasts. The main characters–Beau, Dimitri, and Adelaide–are believable and realistic, facing their spiritual challenges and relationship strains. Told from three points of view, the plot twists keep the reader guessing on the identity of the murderer. It is more of a suspense novel, with a triangle between the main characters.

Recommended for adult collections in public libraries. Fans of inspirational romantic suspense and dark mysteries will enjoy this new series.

Carol R. Gehringer,

The Cost of Betrayal / by Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey, and Lynette Eason. 3.4.2019

Bethany House ISBN 9780764231735

Adult Rating: 4

Best-selling authors Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey, and Lynette Eason lend their skills to this compilation of three contemporary romantic suspense novellas.

In Betrayed (by Dee Henderson), an innocent woman is freed after serving a portion of the time for a murder she didn’t commit–but the murderer is still at large, putting her in danger.

In Deadly Isle (by Dani Pettrey), a woman is trapped on her isolated, childhood island following a storm, with a murderer at large, one that killed her cousin and now threatens her life.

In Code of Ethics (by Lynette Eason), a trauma surgeon saves the life of an injured detective, only to have him attacked again in her hospital, leading them to be on the run from the killer.

Henderson, Pettrey, and Eason expertly weave their stories with believeable characters, tightly-woven suspense, and faith elements. Although shorter than a full-length novel, they make for an edge-of-your seat reading thrill ride. In each story, faith in relationships is broken as they experience betrayal by those closest to them. Betrayal comes from friends and family, those closest to them–yet God can bring good out of the evil dealt to the injured parties.

Two of the novellas give the reader a chance to meet old friends (from previous books by the author). While each could be read alone, together they make a winning combination of mystery, action, and suspense. Comparing the three, Eason’s and Pettrey’s novellas are slightly better than Henderson’s, but Henderson’s novella is better than her last few full-length novels.

Recommended for public libraries and suspense fans.

Carol R. Gehringer,

The Crooked Path / by Irma Joubert. 2.26.2019

Thomas Nelson ISBN 9780718098179

Adult     Rating: 3

The Crooked Path follows two converging life stories before, during, and after WWII.

Afrikaner Lettie Louw loved her best friend’s older brother for many years, but—even though he was nice to her—she “knew” that boys only fell in love with beautiful girls. After finding the boy she liked with her attractive best friend, Lettie turns her attention away from men and focuses on becoming doctor and inheriting her father’s practice.

Marco Romanelli, a Catholic Italian, fell in love with a Jewish woman at the beginning of WWII. Intending to avoid the German soldiers, she and Marco, along with her family, escaped the village and starved in the mountains—only to be kidnapped and taken away to the Jewish concentration camps years later. Losing his love and his health in the camps, Marco seeks out a warmer climate with his brother in South Africa to get back on his feet.

When Lettie becomes Marco’s doctor, she struggles with their professional-personal relationship. She must make her choice before Marco’s health deteriorates and she loses her chance at love.

By focusing on an overview of Marco and Lettie’s whole lives, The Crooked Path sacrifices depth and cohesiveness. With two introductions, plotlines, and conclusions, most of this novel’s pacing feels slow. The conclusions also feel unresolved and incomplete, as if there is more to the story. While the story seems to drag a little as the plot flips back and forth on one timeline, Irma Joubert’s writing is still beautifully engaging. It feels more like a literary, creative biography of these two characters instead of a fictional story. As readers follow these characters’ stories, they will catch a significant amount of historical, religious, and artistic details from WWII Europe and Africa that add even more realism to the story—appealing to historical and romantic fiction fans. 

Rebecca Schriner, CLJ

Dead Drift / by Dani Pettrey. (Chesapeake Valor, 4) 2.25.2019

Bethany House ISBN 9780764212970

Adult Rating: 5

Award-winning author Dani Pettrey concludes her romantic suspense series set in coastal Maryland, about childhood friends with careers in law enforcement.

In Dead Drift, when Luke Gallagher vanished seven years ago, leaving behind the woman he loved, private investigator Kate Maxwell, with no answers–only questions. Now he is back to help capture a terrorist and rekindle his relationship with Kate. Can they stop the terrorist’s plot before it is too late? Is there a future for them after they catch the terrorist?

Meanwhile, Griffin and Finley continue to investigate his sister Jenna’s murder, uncovering a string of cases with similarities in several states. Can they catch the killer behind his sister’s murder and finally put the case to rest when others haven’t been successful?

Pettrey pens characters with strong personalities and real flaws, making it easier for readers care about them. As always, the faith element is evident, not preachy, and relationships are clean (appropriate for high school readers). Pettrey excels at creating an ensemble of characters readers enjoy, and when these characters from earlier novels reappear, the reader is delighted to catch up and continue their storyline. The violence is appropriate to the story, much like crime dramas one views on TV. As always, the plausible plot is action-packed romantic suspense at its finest. The reader will be satisfied at how the series ends and the questions are answered.

Recommended for adults and high school readers, especially fans of Dee Henderson, DiAnn Mills, and Irene Hannon. Watch for her new series Coastal Guardians coming in 2019.

Carol R. Gehringer,

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Called to Protect / by Lynette Eason. (Blue Justice, 2) 2.22.2019

Revell ISBN 9780800727031

Adult Rating: 4

Award-winning author Lynette Eason adds another book to her romantic suspense series about a law enforcement family in South Carolina.

In Called to Protect, K9 Officer Chloe St. John is recovering from a broken engagement and concentrates all her energy into her job. Chloe’s mother is the chief of police, and her siblings are also in law enforcement. When her young cousin Penny goes missing and it appears there is a connection with human trafficking, she will need to stay focused on her investigation.

Meanwhile, US Marshall Blake MacCallum is on protection duty for a senator when Blake’s daughter Rachel is kidnapped. The kidnappers threaten to kill her if Blake doesn’t kill the senator. He races to rescue his kidnapped daughter Rachel before her kidnappers harm her. Chloe and her German shepherd partner Hank join the human trafficking taskforce with Blake. The two begin working together, investigating the ties between the missing girls and the human trafficking ring. Will they find the girls in time? Can they trust one another even in the midst of their mutual attraction? The more they uncover, the more danger they will face.

Called to Protect grabs the reader’s attention and holds it until the final page. Eason creates a fast-paced series with an ensemble of complex characters dealing with a variety of personal issues, and there is enough suspense to make the reader stay up all night, holding on for a roller-coaster ride of plot twists.

 Highly recommended for public libraries and romantic suspense fans of of DiAnn Mills, Dani Pettrey, Irene Hannon, and Dee Henderson. Look for the next book,  Code of Valor (Spring 2019)!

Carol R. Gehringer,

Earlier Series Title Reviewed by CLJ: Oath of Honor (Jan/Feb/Mar 2018).

The Orphan’s Wish / by Melanie Dickerson. 2.15.2019

Thomas Nelson ISBN 9780718074838

YA Grades 9-12 Rating: 5

Award-winning author Melanie Dickerson continues her medieval retelling of fairy tales, this time using the folk tale Aladdin.

In The Orphan’s Wish, orphaned Aladdin travels from his Arab homeland to the German orphanage where he meets Lady Kirstyn, daughter of the Duke of Hagenheim. Kirstyn’s mother is the patroness of the orphanage where Aladdin lives. They become childhood friends in spite of the differences in their stations.

Aladdin works hard to secure a position serving the Duke. He loves Kirstyn but believes he cannot overcome his family background without a fortune. Aladdin leaves the Duke’s service to make his fortune, leaving her open to fortune hunters. When she is kidnapped, he returns to rescue her. Will he be in time? Will they have a future together?

The Orphan’s Wish is told more from Aladdin’s point of view. Aladdin is hard-working and determined to prove himself in order to improve his chances for a future with Kirstyn. Both Aladdin and Kirstyn struggle with self-worth and self-acceptance, but through their love for one another, they manage to overcome. Kudos to Dickerson for creating an interracial relationship and promoting acceptance and love between all people, regardless of race, class, or fortune. Readers will be delighted to meet old friends from Dickerson’s earlier books in this series.

Dickerson’s tales feature wholesome relationships, making this a good choice for teen readers. Dickerson excels as a storyteller with a carefully crafted plot and characters who learn the meaning of sacrifice and nobility as they adjust to life’s difficult situations. As in her earlier books, the faith element is not preachy but clearly evident. Recommended for young adults and adults who are young at heart.

Carol R. Gehringer,

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The Lost World of the Flood: Mythology, Theology, and the Deluge Debate / by Tremper Longman III & John H. Walton. 2.11.2019

IVP Academic ISBN 9780830852000

Adult Rating: 4

The Lost World of the Flood provides an academic approach to the narrative of the flood found in Genesis chapters 1-11, presenting it as an ancient document influenced by the Ancient Near East (ANE) culture to which it belonged and focusing on the historical/literary context of this genre of writing. The authors, Tremper Longman and John Walton, who are noted Old Testament scholars, posit that it is the interpretation the events recounted in these biblical texts, and not the events themselves, that are inspired by God. The scope of the book focuses on explaining their method of interpretation, giving background using other ANE texts, providing their conclusions about how to understand the text, and discussing the scientific and literary evidence for the flood. This book is the fifth book in the Lost World series.

Even though the genre of this title is clearly academic, the reading style is easy to understand and the concepts are carefully built upon one another. The authors support their findings with extensive research. The topic is controversial though. While the authors affirm the inerrancy of Scripture, they do interpret the text in a way that may differ from views held by many evangelical Christians. Thus, they assert that the flood recorded in Genesis was an actual event but not a world-wide flood (such a global flood not being supported by geological evidence according to an included “guest” chapter written by a geologist), and that it was instead described using cataclysmic language (meant to be hyperbolic) which was common in ANE literature. They explain that the narrative was intended to convey a theological message, rather than an historical or scientific one.

The book does give some very important insight on ANE culture and will provoke thoughtful reflection, which makes it a valuable resource even if the reader does not agree with the authors’ conclusions.

Tatyana Claytor, CLJ