Nowhere to turn / by Lynette Eason. (Hidden Identity, 2) 11.13.2014

Revell ISBN 9780800722098

Adult Rating: 4

Lynette Easton continues her contemporary romantic suspense series with Nowhere to Turn, where a wife finds out that her abusive husband has created a plan to abuse her even after his death.

In Nowhere to Turn, Danielle Harding takes her eleven-year-old son with her as she tries to escape from her husband, a crooked FBI agent. When her husband Kurt is killed that same day, she believes her worries are over. But Kurt’s brother, Stuart, also a crooked FBI agent, begins harassing her. He is just as obsessive about her as was his brother. Little do they know that Kurt created a plan to keep Stuart from Danielle, a plan that puts them both in danger.

Meanwhile, Kurt had something that someone else wants back. With him dead, they now believe Danielle has it and will do anything to get it back. After a few attempts on her life, Danielle is afraid to ask the FBI for assistance, especially since she suspects Stuart could be behind the attempts. She turns to Adam Buchanan and goes into hiding. But it seems that someone is able to follow their movements. Will they be able to uncover the truth before it is too late?

Eason is an excellent storyteller, weaving plot twists and character development. Just when the reader thinks the story is over, there is another plot twist, a knot to untangle. Violence in the story is appropriate but not graphic; the faith element is light and not overpowering. Eason’s books will be of interest to fans of DiAnn Mills and Irene Hannon. Her next book, No Place to Hide, is forthcoming in the summer of 2015.

Recommended for adult collections in public libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer,

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Merlin’s Spiral Trilogy / by Robert Treskillard. 8.29.2014

Merlin’s Blade / by Robert Treskillard. (Merlin’s Spiral, 1)

Blink ISBN 9780310735076

Merlin’s Shadow / by Robert Treskillard. (Merlin’s Spiral, 2)

Blink ISBN 9780310735083

Merlin’s Nightmare / by Robert Treskillard. (Merlin’s Spiral, 3)

Blink ISBN 9780310735090

HS Grades 10-12 Rating: 4

Robert Treskillard breathes new life into the often-told tale of King Arthur and his faithful mentor, Merlin. Treskillard has managed to put a new spin on the story in this three-volume series called Merlin’s Spiral by focusing on Merlin’s story.

In Merlin’s Blade, fifth century druids in Britain attempt to regain power, defeat King Uther, and destroy the Christian faith embraced by the people. A blind boy (Merlin) is the only one not bewitched by the meteorite’s blue flames used by the druids to entrap the people. How can a blind boy who is bullied, ridiculed, and criticized be the one to save Arthur, and overthrow the evil that controls the people of Britain?

In Merlin’s Shadow, Merlin’s story continues. He finds himself adrift–an advisor to the uncrowned king, Arthur. On the run with his beloved and his faithful friend, Merlin faces adversaries on every side. Even his half-sister is bent on his destruction. Having plunged the sword into the druids’ stone, will Merlin be able to keep the young king safe when enemies surround them on every side?

In Merlin’s Nightmare, Arthur is now eighteen, and Merlin wants nothing more than to enjoy his family. But when Arthur disappears, Merlin stops at nothing to rescue him before one of their enemies finds him. Together they face the Saxenow in the south, the Picts in the north, and a new enemy rising in the east. And Merlin’s half-sister has unleashed werewolves–Merlin’s biggest fear since being attacked by wolves as a child. Will they survive?

It is hard to believe that Merlin’s Blade was Treskillard’s first novel. It is a well-written epic fantasy, with an enormous amount of detail and character development. This series–a prequel to the King Arthur legend–will be of interest to epic fantasy readers and fans of Arthurian legends. There is a lot of action but almost too much detail about the violence (although it was a bloodthirsty time period).

Merlin’s Shadow and Merlin’s Nightmare are difficult to read as standalone novels, although the author tries to give the reader enough background in the glossary to permit this. Kudos to Treskillard, who not only identifies the characters but describes what happened in the previous books that is significant to the overall storyline. His attempt to recreate the Arthurian legend from a Christian perspective is to be applauded.

Recommended for public libraries and school libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer,

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Hi, Koo!: A Year of Seasons / written and illustrated by Jon J Muth. 8.28.2014

Scholastic Press ISBN 9780545166683

Ages 4-8 PS-Grade 3 Rating: 5

A panda bear and two children explore the year in Hi, Koo!: A Year of Seasons, an illustrated volume of haiku. The character Koo was introduced in Muth’s earlier Zen Ties.

Readers of this sweet and cleverly-titled picture book will feel an immediate connection with author/illustrator Jon J Muth, whose informative preface explains why his poems do not precisely follow the cadence of traditional Japanese haiku. Muth describes haiku as capturing “a moment of emotion,” and that is exactly what he delivers in Hi, Koo! with expressive words and tender images that take the little panda and his friends from fall to summer.

Children will relate to the sensory world of young Koo as he dances through cold rain, eats warm cookies, studies icicles, rolls in new grass, catches fireflies, and skips stones. Koo’s personality shines through each haiku’s simple language and soothing watercolors. When joined by two unnamed friends, they romp together in scenes both universal (carefree summer handstands) and humorous (getting square eyes from too much winter TV).

For added enjoyment and learning, the author invites young readers to trace the capitalized letters on each page in a playful alphabetical journey through the 26 haiku in this delightful and visually rich book.

Nina Ditmar, CLJ

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The True Account of Adam and Eve / by Ken Ham 1.30.2014

The True Account of Adam and Eve / by Ken Ham.

Master Books (a division of New Leaf Publishing Group) ISBN 978-0-89051-670-6

MS (grades 5-Adult) Rating: 5

The True Account of Adam and Eve by Ken Ham tells the true story of the world’s first two people, Adam and Eve. The book begins with a summary of the six days of Creation, but provides more detail about the creation of Adam and Eve. God tests Adam’s obedience with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. When Satan tricks Eve into eating from this tree, eternity changes–sin enters the world, and death follows. Sin affects everything in the universe. Even though Adam destroys his perfect relationship with God, there is still hope for salvation, and this comes in the form of Jesus Christ. God’s own Son sacrifices himself to pay for our sins. This book explains that, while many try to discredit God’s word with talk of evolution and our world being millions or billions of years old, God created everything only around 6000 years ago.

The author does a great job detailing the creation of the universe and people. It is very well-
written and easy to understand. The illustrations are beautiful and also help tell the story. The sequence of events is clearly documented to show doubters that this is the true story of Adam, Eve, and the creation of our world. The book also tells how Jesus died for our sins and how we can receive salvation through Him. Throughout the book, there are references to Bible verses and how the Bible is important for faith. This book tells a story different from what most have heard and contends that the secular accounts cannot possibly be true. As Adam is actually mentioned in nine different books of the Bible, the book concludes with Scripture passages about Adam.

Trina Chase, CLJ

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Son of a Gun / by Anne de Graaf. 6.30.2013


MS     Grades 6-8

Rating 5

Son of a Gun by Anne de Graaf tells the story of two children, Lucky and Nopi, living in Liberia. Lucky is eight years old and his sister, Nopi, is ten. While they’re in school one day, they are kidnapped along with many other children and forced to become child soldiers in Liberia’s civil war, a war that would last 14 years. These children are given AK-47 rifles and told, “This gun is your god. You listen to the voice of your god and go where your gun tells you.” Lucky and Nopi escape, but must continue searching for their family. Once they are reunited with their family, they still have to live with the memories of the horrors they saw and experienced. A great number of children are not so fortunate. Some that survive have lost their families and homes. Others decide that a soldier’s life is the only one they know.

This book is based on true stories of former child soldiers interviewed by the author. It is told from the viewpoints of Lucky and Nopi. It is a very well-written but heartbreaking tale. It doesn’t go into any graphic details, but does adequately describe the pain and suffering of the child soldiers. Unfortunately, there are many other children like Lucky and Nopi. They were robbed of their childhoods and forced into unimaginable situations. The United Nations convinced a lot of the children to turn their guns in for money. However, this was a hard decision for many because their commanding officer had convinced them to never part with their guns, as their guns were their god. The book also includes a section of notes and additional information about Liberia.

Trina Chase, CLJ

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Mrs. Harkness and the Panda / by Alicia Potter; illustrated by Melissa Sweet. 6/7/2013

Mrs. Harkness and the Panda / by Alicia Potter; illustrated by Melissa Sweet.

PRI, grades K-2, rating: 5+. Hardcover picture book.

After the death of her explorer husband in 1936, Ruth Harkness departs for China to complete his mission to bring the first live panda to America. People ridicule the notion of a woman embarking on such a dangerous trip, but the determined Mrs. Harkness travels to Shanghai, up the Yangtze River, and into the bamboo forests. With a guide, a cook, and 16 men hired to carry 22 pieces of luggage, Ruth Harkness presses on, unwavering in her commitment to fulfill her husband’s dream.

This fascinating and true story introduces a little-known but remarkable woman who achieves the near-impossible. There are hints of superstition in the narrative. In one scene, Mrs. Harkness takes a child’s wave as “a sign of good luck”. Later, weary and blistered, she “cursed the wet bamboo that soaked her”, but is finally rewarded with the discovery of a baby panda. After scattering her husband’s ashes in China, Mrs. Harkness returns to the United States with the panda she names Su Lin, who is placed in a zoo near Chicago.

The compelling details of Mrs. Harkness’s adventure are brought to life through Alicia Potter’s energetic storytelling and lively anecdotes that will engage young readers. Melissa Sweet’s delightful watercolor illustrations pair well with the use of speech bubbles, maps, old postcards and stamps, collage materials, recreated news clippings, and actual photographs. The end notes include a helpful timeline and selected bibliography, as well as an author’s note contrasting our knowledge of this beloved endangered animal with an earlier view of pandas as “mythical beasts, like unicorns”. The author describes the conservation work of the international World Wildlife Fund and addresses how taking a baby panda from the wilderness would be viewed very differently today, a timely discussion point for young readers.

Nina Ditmar

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Shattered / Dani Pattrey. May 8, 2013

Shatttered / by Dani Pettrey (Alaskan Courage, 2)

Bethany House Publishers  ISBN 978-0764209833

HS (Adult)  Rating: 5

Pre-Publication Copy Reviewed (February 1, 2013)

Dani Pettrey returns with another contemporary suspense novel set in the Alaskan wilderness, continuing the story of the McKenna family.

In Shattered, Reef McKenna returns to Yancy, Alaska after an absence of five years. His sister Piper is delighted until he shows up on her doorstep covered in blood. While circumstantial evidence points to Reef as the one responsible for the murder of a fellow snowboarder, Piper believes her brother when he swears he is innocent.

Meanwhile, Deputy Landon Grainger, a lifelong friend to the McKenna family, is determined to find the facts, especially as the details of the snowboarder’s life points to a life of mystery. While they try to sort out the leads, Reef is charged with the snowboarder’s murder. As Landon and Piper race to find out the truth, they plunge headlong into Alaska’s backcountry, their changing relationship, and the real killer who will do anything to bury the facts and possibly, them.

Pettrey has done it again, writing a cleverly-crafted mystery with romance, adventure, rich character development, and spine-tingling suspense. Her characters are imperfect-they struggle with faith and relationship issues, and yet, they endear themselves to the reader because of this. Hopefully, Ms. Pettrey will return with another book in this series.

Fans of Dee Henderson, Irene Hanson, and other Christian suspense writers will not be disappointed by this series. Recommended for high school libraries, as well as adult collections in public libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer

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New Reviews from CLJ Oct. 29, 2012


A Picture Book of John and Abigail Adams/ by David A. Adler and Michael S. Adler.

PRI, grades 1-3 rating: 5. Library binding.

Born in 1735, John Adams loves the outdoors and plans to be a farmer, but after receiving a Harvard education he becomes a teacher and then a lawyer in Massachusetts colony. He meets the humorous and spirited Abigail Smith, and they marry just as conflict between the British Parliament and the American colonies begins to escalate. Adams serves as representative to two Continental Congresses, our nation’s first vice president and second president, as well as our first ambassador to Great Britain. Abigail plays an important supportive role as her husband’s “fellow Laborer” during the American Revolution and throughout their 50-year marriage. A Picture Book of John and Abigail Adams is part of the “Picture Book Biographies” series by David A. Adler; this title is co-authored with his son, Michael S. Adler.

A Picture Book of John and Abigail Adams is a marvelously written and illustrated introduction to one of our country’s great founding fathers and an important period in American history. Soft full-page watercolor illustrations by Ronald Himler capture pivotal events in Adams’s life: lake swimming as a carefree boy, courting his future wife, practicing law with integrity, raising his children, and ultimately succeeding George Washington as U.S. President. Strong and independent Abigail is admirably portrayed as her husband’s “most trusted counselor and best friend.”  Intriguing details boost the appeal of their story for young readers, such as the first couple’s initial disinterest in each other, the responsibilities of their children at home and abroad (son John Quincy would later become the sixth president), and Adams’ political rivalry/friendship with Thomas Jefferson. Helpful endpapers include a brief timeline, source notes, a selected bibliography, and recommended websites, along with some interesting additional facts presented by the authors.

Recommended for grades 1-3, this would be an excellent choice for a classroom, school library, or home reading, with just the right amount of text and information to challenge, educate, and entertain.

Nina Ditmar

Ben Franklin: His Wit and Wisdom from A-Z/ Alan Schroeder.

PRI, grades 2-4 , rating: 5. Hardcover.

With only two years of formal schooling, Ben Franklin was knowledgeable about many subjects including ship navigation, invented useful products such as bifocals, thought the turkey should be our national bird, and helped create the first fire company in Philadelphia. These and many more facts about one of our most beloved founding fathers are the basis of Alan Schroeder’s Ben Franklin: His Wit and Wisdom from A-Z. Biographical and historical details are presented alphabetically and embellished with illustrations, cartoons, and some of Franklin’s wise and timeless sayings.Ben Franklin: His Wit and Wisdom from A-Z is cleverly constructed and offers much to absorb.

By including both well- and little-known information, author Alan Schroeder has created a non-fiction picture book with appeal for readers of all ages. Each letter of the alphabet receives a busy, full page. From “armonica” to “zeal” there are new words and facts to learn. Cartoonist John O’Brien’s detailed color and ink drawings are a delight. Parents reading this book with their children will find themselves surprised and intrigued by new bits of information. Young readers will enjoy the whimsical artwork and some of the more unusual facts, but may need help and encouragement to read through and understand some of the longer descriptions. This book would be a wonderful addition to a classroom or school library.

Nina Ditmar


Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun/ by Michael J. Caduto.

INT, Grades 2-6, rating: 5. Paperback.

Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun is a collection of 22 environmentally themed activities of varying complexity for kids. The projects are organized into five sections: “Heating Up”, “Chilling Out”, “Harness the Sun”, “Catch the Wind”, and “Crank Up the Power”. Each section offers relevant background information about energy, instructions for several experiments, photographs, cartoons, safety hints, stories, games, and questions for the reader. The focus is on renewable resources, conservation, and awareness of global energy issues.

Suggested for children ages 8-13 (back cover), Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun offers activities and topics that range from very simple to more involved. This is a wonderful book to put in the hands of children, its 200+ pages literally jam-packed with all sorts of things to grab the imagination and challenge the mind. Bursting with colorful diagrams, photos, and graphics, this is one science book that will truly appeal to young readers. By emphasizing sustainable energy, author Michael J. Caduto educates, motivates, and empowers kids to make a difference in their environment. Some projects require adult supervision and more elaborate planning and equipment; others can easily be tackled with household items. There is a helpful index of resources.

Nina Ditmar


Abraham Lincoln & Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind An American Friendship / by Russell Freedman.

INT, grades 4-7, rating: 4. Hardcover.

In Abraham Lincoln & Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind an American Friendship, Russell Freedman describes the trials and hardships that Frederick Douglass encounters as a slave. Frederick Douglass escapes slavery and then fights for the end of slavery and for equal rights. There are similarities between Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Both are poor and self-educated. They also work hard for their beliefs. Lincoln becomes the 16th President, and Douglass is an abolitionist spokesman. Abraham Lincoln is also fighting against slavery; however, he has to think of the nation’s health before he can make any changes. He is trying to make the Emancipation Proclamation an amendment to the Constitution. His fear is that if it isn’t changed in the Constitution, his successor can re-instill the slavery laws. Unfortunately, the South doesn’t share his beliefs and thus begins the Civil War. Douglass believes that the war can help end slavery, but Lincoln worries about the country’s survival. When Frederick Douglass visits President Lincoln, he doesn’t think he’ll be permitted to see him. However, Lincoln listens attentively to Douglass and hopes that they can end slavery and promote equality. A friendship develops from their three meetings and the horrible circumstances of the times. They have great respect for each other.

This book is well-written and informative. Many people know who Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were, but may not be aware of their relationship and common goals. This book details their extraordinary friendship, and shows how they fought for the same cause while having to be careful in the ways they handled it. There were obstacles for both–people’s beliefs and the Civil War, but the two men depended on each other to find ways to carry out the anti-slavery plans.

Trina Chase




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